Our Story

The seed of an idea for Tempt dates back over a decade to a time when science, education and creativity merged. It began at the University of Saskatchewan where scientists seeking a new source of plant based protein began doing experiments with hemp. These enlightened Canadian researchers discovered the protein potential locked within the hemp seed.

The balanced combination of essential healthy fats and amino acids, provided a nutritional profile unlike any other vegetable. The Center for Food Science’s breakthrough gave us a brilliant and sustainable food source, which can be cultivated without negative environmental impact. Celebration ensued.

The next steps took the journey to the Pacific Northwest. Freedom loving, environmentalist, hemp food pioneers moved the fledgling company to Portland, Oregon. Connections were made with other hemp visionaries, actors, rock stars, natural foods champions, inventors, mad scientists, revolutionaries and hopeless optimists – Tempt was born.

Fast forward to present day New England where Tempt’s excitement for hemp carries on, creating innovative and satisfying new products.