I really love your hemp milk, it’s the best one on the market. I also buy it because it’s the only brand that doesn’t curdle in coffee

Hi there, I am a health & lifestyle guide and recently discovered your hemp tofu. In fact, I just had some for lunch 🙂

Hello! We absolutely love your hemp milk! I have gotten a few other moms on hemp milk as well! So now we put in special orders to our grocery store and order it by the case. We are absolutely hooked. Thank you so much for your product! Thank you so much for helping us have a healthy baby and healthy family.

I just started giving my one year old son your vanilla unsweetened hemp milk because he was having issues tolerating whole milk. He loves it!

I love your product, and wish I could use it as much as I need to. I can use a case in a matter of a week.

My kids have a lot of allergies and we love your products!! We go through at least one container of hemp milk and one package of hemp tofu every day.

Congratulations! This is the first Unsweetened Hemp Milk I’ve tried that merits a compliment and a note of. Thanks for breaking my habit of buying ONLY almond milk.

I’ve hesitated to try Hemp milks more than once…because of the higher costs (vs. almond milk). When Living Harvest Hempmilk was available at Whole Foods at what I thought was a reasonable price, I bought one and I must tell you, I really, really like it. I use those tasty hemp seeds over hot oatmeal in winter and over salads in summer and it’s a treat. I’ve read the four panels of the package and approve of all, especially nutrition facts: 0g sugars, 2 g protein, 1 g total carbs. Impressive ingredients, too.

Thanks for a place to express my opinion.

THANK YOU for your hemp food products!